Audio 4-CD set plus downloadable Resources Kit #Z8

  • Overview: Dr. Diane Poole Heller provides an overview of Schizoid, Narcissism and Borderline tendencies and disorders.  The additional DVDs in the series reveal each disorder in depth, highlighting the issues and healing strategies from a compassionate perspective.
  • Schizoid: Intrauterine, birth and infancy issues. Intimacy versus isolation with self or others.  Expansion of Capacity for Life Force in the Body. Restoring Containment and Contact
  • Narcissistic: Resolving deep hurt into compassion. Restoring Empathy Authentic contact with self and others. Healing mirroring wounds. Recovery from narcissistic parents or partners. Addressing grandiosity
  • Borderline: Quieting the harsh internal critic.  Addressing abandonment depression. Stabilizing disrupted relationships. Completing Anger/Self Protective Responses. Managing complicated transference.  Understanding Addictive Tendencies