(2 Audio CD set/3 hours) Introduction to the basic principles of SE including demo

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is an efficient body centered approach to the resolution and healing of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine. Understandably, when we are threatened, high levels of arousal are generated in the body to help us in survival but all too often, in our human experience we are blocked from discharging this enormous survival energy.

In this three hour presentation Dr. Diane Poole Heller gives an introduction to the basic principles of SE such as resourcing, titration, pendualtion and tracking in the felt sense, evoking and completing defensive orienting responses such as fight, flight and freeze. The presentation also demonstrates how to help clients return to a sense of safety, embodiment, enhanced resiliency and expansiveness.

In addition to illustrating the practical application of these tools with a participant in a demo, Dr. Heller gives a detailed description of how to work with clients to complete elements of the threat response, thus allowing the client to gradually release “stuck” energy safely. This completion significantly helps to reduce or alleviate symptoms and brings a return of empowerment and relief to trauma survivors.