(1 Audio CD with downloadable Article #Z6)

  • This CD explores the clinical applications related to the reciprocal ANS as well as for the Triune or Polyvagal Social Engagement nervous system researched by Dr. Stephen Porges.  It provides a clear, concise and user-friendly explanation of the sequential, phylogenetic response to activation aroused in the nervous system in response to threat as well as when in a resourced state; from lower to higher functioning from Dorsal Vagal to Sympathetic and ultimately, the Ventral Vagal relational function
  • When highly activated with inadequate resources, our physiological response is often to enervate the Dorsal Vagal response in the direction of conservation of oxygen resulting in shallow breathing, the freeze or immobility response, and general shutdown or dissociation.  Shaking and trembling often occur when we successfully help our client shift from immobility to mobility and then complete defensive orienting responses such as fight or flight.
  • As completion and discharge of fear and activation continues, the client may shift to yet another level of higher function by accessing the pre-frontal lobe responsible for social engagement and communication as well as early bonding. At this level, we come more fully into contact with ourselves, and then each other and have the capacity to be present.  Learn how to facilitate these shifts clinically.