12764904_1019822974758918_2037252076835266815_oAppointments with Dr. Diane Poole Heller

(Currently not accepting clients)

Dr. Heller provides in person, Skype, telephone sessions and private Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Attachment consults. Her rates are $245 for a 45 minute session and $295 for a full hour. There is an additional $50 charge for weekends. Couple rates are $375/hour and it is recommended to block a two hour session. To schedule an appointment please use our contact form or call us at 720-324-1544.

IMPORTANT: Please download this INTAKE FORM (2MB PDF). You will need to print it and fill it out before your session. You may fax it to us at 303-790-0603 before your session.

Payment: You may pay by cash, check, MC and Visa credit or Paypal. Dr. Heller normally does not submit insurance claims but will provide you a general insurance claim form and necessary information to file your claim for reimbursement.

Appointment Schedule

Please note Dr. Heller’s extensive travel and teaching schedule. Due to out of town obligations her office hours at 743 Club Circle, Louisville, CO 80027  are limited. Clients from other countries and US states often see her and stay at nearby, walking distance, hotels.

We have corporate rates at the Louisville, Colorado, Hampton Inn under “Trauma Solutions” at 303-666-7700.

When possible, Dr. Heller does see clients at her workshops and training locations. These need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Client Testimonials

“This training helped me frame therapeutic work within an individual but all the way into large systems-the organization. “All the world over we are affected by our abilities and disabilities to connect. This work is how to heal and reform corrections at whatever level, within ourselves, families, and work places, so we can be our best, solo or together.” – Ann Weatherley, Boulder, CO

“Diane’s knowledge is deep and her breadth of understanding of the human condition is exquisite!” – Therapist, New York

“The material was so well presented – very clear, well organized. The addition of the manual is really great and helpful and I will continue to refer to it. The attachment module was relevant to clinical practice and Diane is particularly good at providing links between the didactic and clinical application.” – Anonymous

“The exercises were great! The specific clinical SE ways of working with the different types of attachment was revealing and trans-formative. There were very clear explanations of attachment styles and dynamics of what happens as the person separates from the wound pattern. What wonderful work you are bringing to the world!” – A. Morris

“I liked Diane’s awareness of the larger picture, the larger outcome of spiritual wholeness and maturity and her frequent reference to this. Her clear statement of how our (therapists’) own attachment experiences and how effectively we re-patterning these can support the relational field with our clients. This was a sweet, powerful weekend!” – M. Bojourno