diane1Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., is an established relationship expert and therapist in the field of trauma resolution, Adult Attachment Models, and integrative healing techniques. She teaches throughout North America, Europe, and more recently South America.

She can provide quotes and expertise regarding:

  • How relationships are influenced by individual Attachment Styles: How we bond early in life influences our romantic relationship choices.
  • How to have better adult relationships: Diane helps men and women identify their own Attachment Style and how to know what their core relationship needs are.
  • How to spot a relationship that is NOT going to work for you, based on communication styles influenced by Attachment Style patterns.

As dynamic speaker and teacher Diane has been featured at prestigious international seminars and conferences and is the author of numerous articles in the field, including “Surviving Columbine,” a video production dealing with the Columbine High School tragedy, which was featured on CNN.

Her celebrated DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience) is an internationally applauded series of groundbreaking somatic attachment workshops for therapists to support them in helping clients have secure, long lasting relationships filled with more connection, intimacy, and joy. These workshops provide an in-depth study of Adult Attachment Models, Attachment Styles, and Attachment Theory.

She also has been teaching workshops on trauma resolution since 1989 based on her work with Peter Levine, founder of the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute (SETI) and the “Somatic Experiencing®” (SE) method of trauma resolution.

For media contact or to arrange an interview,  please email [email protected].

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Client Testimonials

“Diane has been a professional role model for me for years. She is compassionate, caring, supportive and so committed to teaching. Diane is beautiful both inside and outside. I personally gain from her patience. Because of Diane’s big heart, sometimes I wonder if she works too hard. (Just a thought). I am deeply grateful to Diane and all her staff for all the work and thoughtful treats included in this training. Thank you for all your hard work!” – L.S., Arroyo Grande, CA

“This training helped me frame therapeutic work within an individual but all the way into large systems-the organization. “All the world over we are affected by our abilities and disabilities to connect. This work is how to heal and reform corrections at whatever level, within ourselves, families, and work places, so we can be our best, solo or together.” – Ann Weatherley, Boulder,CO

“Diane’s knowledge is deep and her breadth of understanding of the human condition is exquisite!” – Therapist, New York

“The material was so well presented – very clear, well organized. The addition of the manual is really great and helpful and I will continue to refer to it. The attachment module was relevant to clinical practice and Diane is particularly good at providing links between the didactic and clinical application.” – Anonymous