A heartfelt thank you goes out to the hundreds of people who have already signed up and have joined me on my first video in the Power of Attachment Therapy Training Series. I’m excited to say that I’ve just released my second video this fall: How to Work with Ambivalent and Avoidant Clients.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable GPS to navigate the inner world of your clients that are Avoidant and Ambivalent?

looking off and unfocusedWhen you can understand what is going on inside your clients’ thoughts and state of being through the lens of Somatic Attachment, you can then guide them more easily toward a healthier connection with others. Then,

  • You can get results much faster and with less drama.
  • You will make conscious the unconscious patterns that have been buried deeply, in many cases for most of their life. (This is where real transformation occurs – and when it happens, it makes all the dedication and work of being a therapist meaningful.)

In the next, powerful video I provide an understanding of TWO of the most common attachment adaptations: the Avoidant Style and the Ambivalent Style. I also give you an overview of how these styles form and affect us in our adult relationships.

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How to work with Ambivalent & Avoidant clients

 TO WATCH VIDEO: How to Work with Ambivalent and Avoidant Clients

Here’s an outline of what I share in the video:

  • How a person with Avoidant Attachment is often misunderstood as not being interested in relationships 
  • The need to go beyond the THEORY of Attachment and learn how to apply it clinically in your practice
  • Using relational “Allies” as resources on the path back to Secure Attachment
  • The characteristics of Ambivalent Attachment – what to look for
  • Learning to understand somatic cues and the specific language of these attachment styles to be more effective in your clinical practice
  • Acquiring the tools to help restore Secure Attachment for yourself and in your practice
  • Helping others come back to Secure attachment is the promise and goal of this work.

Helping others come back to Secure attachment is the promise and goal of this work. I am here to help you work with your most difficult clients. 

Thanks in advance for watching these powerful experiences, and I will see you in the videos.