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Trauma can leave deep scars on the human psyche. What gives people the power to heal these
wounds and bounce back?

Actress Rosie Perez has survived a harrowing childhood. Her spunky and resilient persona
belies the trauma of wrestling with a mentally ill and neglectful mother and the often abusive
guardianship of the nuns at a Catholic boarding house. She has drawn on these experiences to
fuel some of her most emotionally raw performances, including Peter Weir’s Fearless. The
actress is joined by trauma specialist Diane Poole Heller to address the processes by which
trauma can be unraveled. Together they compare the ways in which a sufferer can be
empowered to lead a freer life.

The Rubin Museum
150 W. 17 th Street
New York, New York 10011

(212) 620-5000


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