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Radiant Intimacy is an emerging field of exploration, bringing awareness to the topics of
relationship, sexuality and love. We will explore radiant intimacy through the lenses of
neuroscience, integral psychotherapy, attachment theory and the Tantric and Advaita spiritual
Through carefully crafted exercises, keynote lectures, targeted workshops, potent meditations,
you will engage the concept of radiant intimacy, and how to express and integrate into daily
living. We will explore:

• What can we learn from neuroscience about love?
• How do our attachment styles impact our relationships?
• How can we create deeply fulfilling relationships with life, with another and with
• What are the shadow elements within a relationship?
• How does early developmental trauma impact our capacity for relating?
• How can our sexuality open us to the experience of our true nature and of unity
• How is self-knowledge reflected in our relationships?

This four-day experiential workshop is designed to expand our understanding and experience of
intimacy, while giving us tools to create deeply fulfilling relationships. Through carefully crafted
exercises and potent meditations, we will taste expanded aliveness and intimate attunement.
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Workshop facilitators: Esther Perel, Michaela Boehm, Steve James, Lorin Roche , Camille
Maurine, Sasha Cobra, Justin R. Garcia and Amanda N. Gesselman.

Our home for the retreat will be the 1440 located in the beautiful redwoods near Santa Cruz,
Schedule: https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/radiant-intimacy/#Program

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