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$775 by Jan 24, $850 After

Benefits of Attending DARe 2 Live:

  • Learn to achieve greater success in your relationships (or those of your clients)
  • Develop techniques to heal Attachment injury and trauma
  • Learn techniques to connect more deeply with your partner
  • Reduce suffering from non-productive relationship patterns

Creating Healthy Adult Relationships

NOTE: the acronyms “DARe” (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience) and “SATe” (Somatic Attachment Training experience) define the same course program depending on the country where the workshops are presented. The denomination varies, but the course content is the same.


Do you long for more connection and fun in your relationships?
Are you ready to discover how you can have deeper communication, more joy and longer lasting love in your adult relationship?

DARe Module 2 focuses on early Attachment styles and how they manifest in adult personal relationships of all kinds – friends, family and romantic partners or spouses. It blends didactic presentation, demonstrations and experiential exercises to present a clear understanding of the practical application of the DARe ® principles, Corrective Experiences, and Somatic Experiencing techniques, and how to alleviate stuck patterns of the past.

Every day people are looking for clues to the mystery of loving relationships. This workshop provides the keys to that mystery by teaching you how to compassionately free yourself from the patterns of early attachment wounds that influence adult relationships. This important information is crucial for therapists or individuals who want deeper, happier, more fulfilling relationships.

Through this fun, information-packed workshop you will learn to recognize the dynamics of Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent and Disorganized Attachment patterns, and how they might influence our relationships later in life. This material builds on the fundamentals of DARe 1.

Prerequisite: DARe 1 module workshop, or DARe 1 overview including 5-DVD set on Attachment, or Attachment Mastery Program plus conference.

Topics we will explore include:

  • Your Needs Style: Do you reject, deny, exaggerate or avoid your needs and why?
  • Your Sense of Connection:  Do you fear abandonment or override other’s boundaries?
  • Presence: Can you show up, stay connected to yourself while engaging with others?
  • Healing Relationships: Understand your inner Orientation related in the various Attachment Styles, how these manifest in your Adult relationships, use corrective Antidotes for disruptive relationship patterns, and incorporate specific Transformative processes of healing.
  • Integration: Free your Encapsulated Inner Child from the prison of the past.
  • Mature and integrate the parts you left behind into your adult self.
  • Assessment Tool: included is an helpful assessment tool for determining personal and client Attachment styles.

Through This Work You Will Gain:

  • A deeper understanding of these dynamics
  • Knowing how these dynamics can be transformed
  • More skills to serve your clients and your own growth
  • Specific examples of how techniques are applied to relationship styles
  • An assessment tool for determining client Attachment styles

This dynamic, interactive workshop offers essential skills for addressing relational dynamics that are universal.

Continuing Education Credits:
14 continuing education credits through our website for $59.  For more information about state-specific approvals and professions covered, click here or contact your event organizer.


patti-elledge-2013web-150x150Patti Elledge is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) who has used clinical application of neuroscience theory for 33 years. She has a broad background in early development,  attachment and bonding including self- and co-regulatory processes, sensory processing disorders and the neurobiology of stress and trauma. Patti has studied directly with Drs. Peter Levine, Raja Selvam and Diane Poole Heller; she is a Senior Assistant and approved session provider and case consultant throughout the 3-year SE training. Patti has a private practice in Asheville, NC where she provides support for persons of all ages.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Full refunds will be given if an applicant is denied acceptance into the program or in the rare event that the class is canceled. A refund, less a $100 administrative fee, will be issued if a participant chooses to withdraw 30 days prior to the workshop date. After day 30, 50% of registration fee will be given up to two weeks prior to workshop date.

Late Cancellation: When canceling within 14 days of the workshop date, no refund will be given.

NOTE: Paid fees can always be transferred to another class (without paying the $100 administrative fee) even with late cancellation, or the full amount can be applied towards the purchase of educational resources from our webstore: https://traumasolution.wpengine.com/products/

Course registration signifies agreement with the terms of the cancellation policy.

All refunds will be paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of cancellation.

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