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An experiential workshop where we explore how attachment styles influence adult relationship patterns.

See how simple and compassionate exercises deepen intimacy, strengthen attachment bonds and promote healing in any relationship.

In this FREE, 90-Minute Live Training, we’ll explore:

The Link Between Attachment Styles & Adult Relationships

In a brief overview of attachment theory, learn how early childhood attachment styles develop, influencing both social and intimate adult relationship patterns.

How Each of the 4 Attachment Styles Presents in Adults

Each of the four attachment styles has its own defining traits and characteristics. We’ll identify each style’s communication needs—and discuss why people don’t always fit neatly into a single category.

Experiential Exercises to Repair Attachment Wounds

Help yourself or your clients heal broken connections and overcome habitual patterns using practical healing exercises that restore secure attachment bonds and lead to better communication.

Why We Stimulate Our Own Issues When Working with Clients

Fostering secure attachment for others means strengthening it in yourself. Learn how to acknowledge your own patterns and reactions, and develop reassuring therapeutic skills that build trust and instill confidence.


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