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Hosted by Dr. Diane Poole Heller

LIVE Expert Spotlight Training with Q&A

Getting To The Root Of Chronic Pain & Other Syndromes

Featuring Peter A. Levine, PhD
Originator of Somatic Experiencing®

In this FREE, 90-Minute Live Training, We’ll Cover:

Clinical Differences Between Symptoms And Syndromes

Dr. Levine will walk us through important distinctions between syndromes and their symptoms, giving examples that illustrate how pain and illness are rooted in dysregulation resulting from trauma and stress.

How Complex Traumas Form And Manifest In The Body

We’ll explore how trauma and stress can manifest as physical symptoms, which in turn can couple and combine in perplexing ways to form syndromes, chronic pain and autoimmune disorders.

Clinical Strategies To Support Clients With Chronic Pain

The body communicates—but do we know how to listen? Drawing from his signature Somatic Experiencing® approach, Dr. Levine will share specific strategies that help you understand exactly what the body is saying.

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