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 dare3Learn how our capacity for deepening intimacy is the foundation for establishing healthy relationships.

More than the “talking cure”, healing into wholeness takes the active participation of at least one other brain, mind, and body to repair past injuries, and that can be accomplished through a one to one therapeutic relationship or one that is intimate and loving. In exploring the “age and stage” development of the right hemisphere and the prefrontal cortex in childhood, we will see how the presence of a loving caregiver stimulating the “love hormone “ oxytocin supports our growing capacity for social engagement and pleasure in all of our relationships.

According to Allan Schore, the regulatory function of the brain is experience dependent and he says that, as an infant, our Mother IS our whole environment. Learn about the behind the scenes influence of our biology that occurs pre-verbally and sub-psychologically in early attachment and ANS regulation patterning that is still calling the shots in most of our relationships.
Together, we will dig deep into the physiology of the dilemmas we face (and how to help alleviate them) – when deficits in early upbringing obscure our innate biological programming for relational health. Learn why we are often addicted to love due the brain producing a cocktail of chemicals when we first fall in love that eventually drops off leaving room for old attachment wounds to take over a year or two into the relationship and how to learn shills to resurrect the threatened bond.

Let’s take a look together into the power of mastering Brain to Brain / Body to Body interactive regulation between mother and infant, partner to partner, and therapist and client. Learning repair of mis-attunements, promoting safety and protection plus enhancing contact nutrition in the form of a “gleam in the eye” attachment gaze, prosody in the voice or skin to skin safe touch appropriate to these dyads facilitate true mutuality and help us cross the bridge back to Secure Attachment.

Just as there can be too much or too little energy available in the nervous system which interferes with our felt sense of well being, the attachment system can also be chronically or situationally over-stimulated or shut down. You will learn how to micro-track 1) Arousal patterns in the ANS related to relational trauma and 2) the level of activation or relaxation in the relational field related to the Attachment system.

Live or recorded demos will be used to illustrate these points along with lecture and interactive experiential exercises during this impactful 4-day workshop supported by a team of experienced assistants. DARE 1 is a pre-requsite. You may view the Dare 1 DVDs on Attachment before coming to this class by ordering through our website. They will be offered at a discounted rate of $125.

Based on the contributions of Daniel Stern, John Gottman, Dan Siegel, Marion Solomon, Kohut, Winnicott, Mary Main, Louise Kaplan, Stan Tatkin, Ellyn Bader and countless others, this work embodies a compassionate understanding of how to help heal the dysregulation of both the ANS and Attachment Disruption. 

Continuing Education credits:
Jointly sponsored by Lifespan Learning Institute and Commonwealth Educational Seminars, we are able to offer Continuing Education credit hours for this program.  22 Continuing Education credit hours are available to professionals for an additional processing fee of $99. 


Teacher bio

Patricia Meadows, MS, RN, RCST, SEP, is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a holistic nurse/trauma therapist with 40 years experience facilitating healing and transformation.  In her private practice, Integral  Healing & Living, she specializes in working with people with diverse forms of trauma and early attachment wounding.  Her unique synthesis of holistic modalities integrates SE and advanced SE bodywork with specialized training and experience:  pre and perinatal trauma therapy (trained with Ray Castellino), attachment work, interpersonal neurobiology, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Authentic Movement and embodied psychospiritual inquiry.  She has trained extensively with Diane Poole Heller in DARe and has assisted her with attachment trainings.  Patricia’s work also is informed by long-term spiritual practice within the Diamond Approach, as well as 6 years of doctoral studies in East/West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She has Master’s degrees in both Nursing and Clinical Counseling. To contact Patricia: [email protected]

Cancellation and Refund policy:

Full refunds will be given if an applicant is denied acceptance into the program or in the rare event that the class is canceled. A full refund, less a $100 administrative fee, will be issued if a participant chooses to withdraw up to 14 days of the workshop date.  No refunds 14 days prior to training!

NOTE: Paid fees can ALWAYS be transferred to another class (without paying the $100 administrative fee) even with late cancellation, or the full amount can be applied towards the purchase of educational resources from our webstore.

Course registration signifies agreement with the terms of the cancellation policy.

All refunds will be paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of cancellation.

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