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In this module we will focus on how everyone can attain deeper connection, meaning, and passion in adult relationships by working to heal early attachment wounds or disruptions. You will learn to understand unconscious dynamics that block our capacity for intimacy, and how to overcome them in order to achieve better communication, trust and closeness. We will explore specific examples of how early patterns developed within our families may obscure our innate ability to bond. We will work with the 4 models as described in Attachment Theory – Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and Disorganized.

In addition to working with the original wounding pattern, we will focus on how to excavate the intrinsic healthy attachment system that exists naturally in our human design. You will learn and practice the application of Somatic strategies, DARe / SATe techniques, and Corrective Experiences to alleviate deep-rooted, distressful attachment issues.

We are all inherently hardwired to heal – we have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma and unleash the core aliveness we all possess.

This workshop will be a blend of didactic presentation, demonstrations and experiential exercises. Leave this workshop clearly understanding the practical application of Somatic Experiencing® principles, techniques and Corrective Experiences to alleviate stuck attachment patterns. As you explore this material and your own attachment history, you will discover how to help your clients heal this important part of our human journey.

Participants will learn:

  • To identify how over-coupling dynamics between early childhood “family of origin” attachment patterns may play out in adult relationships.
  • To be able to define the distinctions between Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and Disorganized Attachment models.
  • How to use Corrective Experiences to aid in resolving fixed attachment patterns.
  • How to facilitate “Earned Attachment” which means a return to healthy Secure Attachment that occurs as you repair and heal early bonding wounds. Workshop includes live demos, lectures, interactive exercises and DVD presentations.

Please contact [email protected] for registration information

Mobile/WhatsApp +852 9199 8788 Paul Chung

patricia Meadows

Patricia Meadows, MS, RN, RCST, SEP, is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a holistic nurse/trauma therapist with 40 years experience facilitating healing and transformation.  In her private practice, Integral  Healing & Living, she specializes in working with people with diverse forms of trauma and early attachment wounding.  Her unique synthesis of holistic modalities integrates SE and advanced SE bodywork with specialized training and experience:  pre and perinatal trauma therapy (trained with Ray Castellino), attachment work, interpersonal neurobiology, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Authentic Movement and embodied psychospiritual inquiry.  She has trained extensively with Diane Poole Heller in DARe and has assisted her with attachment trainings.  Patricia’s work also is informed by long-term spiritual practice within the Diamond Approach, as well as 6 years of doctoral studies in East/West Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  She has Master’s degrees in both Nursing and Clinical Counseling. To contact Patricia: [email protected]


Full refunds will be given if an applicant is denied acceptance into the program or in the rare event that the class is canceled. A refund, less a $100 administrative fee, will be issued if a participant chooses to withdraw 30 days prior to the workshop date or if a payment plan was set up. After day 30, 50% of registration fee will be given up to two weeks prior to the workshop date.


When canceling within 14 days of the workshop date, no refund will be given.

NOTE: Paid fees can ALWAYS be transferred to another class (without paying the $100 administrative fee) even with late cancellation, or the full amount can be applied towards the purchase of educational resources from our webstore.

Course registration signifies agreement with the terms of the cancellation policy.

All refunds will be paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of cancellation.

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