We don’t want you to miss the Attachment Mastery program reopening for a limited time! I assure you that it is the most educational and comprehensive training program that I have ever put together.  The introductory training series will be available only for a short time and we would love to have you involved. It’s full of useful information, case studies and examples of how this unique approach can transform your practice and your clients’ lives. Watch the three videos by clicking here.

Training VIDEO 1: The Missing Piece in Therapy
Training VIDEO 2: GPS for Working with Attachment Styles
Training VIDEO 3: Three Myths of Attachment Styles 

Here are some of the details about what’s included in the training program:

  • Extensive Online Training: You can study at your own pace and review materials again and again
  • Weekly LIVE Calls: This is Your opportunity to ask questions, talk about your experiences, and fine-tune your understanding of key attachment concepts
  • Private Community: You will be part of a community of practitioners…you don’t have to be on this journey alone
  •  A Live 3-Day Training – DARe To Connect: Integrate all the teachings, share best practices, and have fun.

Thank you in advance for joining me on this journey as we support each other to create a more connected world!