Diane is pleased to offer a new DARe certificate program in order to recognize the accomplishments of trained practitioners and advance the standard of clinical care. The DARe certificate program offers valuable credentials as well as the chance to participate in the online practitioner directory.

The Certificate Program requires the following:

  • DARe Training Modules – 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • 10 hours of personal sessions by an approved DARe provider. It is strongly recommended that your personal sessions and consultations are distributed throughout your training. Before booking appointment, please verify that the provider is approved and on the list.
  • 10 hours of case consults by an approved DARe provider. Three hours of group case consultation will count toward one hour of your case consult requirements. Three Therapy Mastermind Circle Case Consult Calls is equivalent to one case consult.
  • One evaluation review with faculty, lead assistant, or teaching assistant.

Training must be completed within four years. You must attend a live training associated with each of the four modules, even if you already completed a DARe level on DVD or online (an appropriate discount will be given). The DARe to Connect Boulder live training events also qualify.

DARe is not designed to be an independent method of healing, rather it is a supplementary method intended to be integrated into an already existing practice.

Registering for Certificate Program

There is a one-time Certificate Program fee of $250, which includes a full year of listing in the online practitioner directory. Click here to Register.

We also have a special DARe Certificate Program where you can prepay for DARe 1,2,3, & 4 and get your application fee waived. The Cost is $2,900 (value $3,350). Click here.

Attachment Mastery Progam Members are eligible for special pricing for DARe 2,3, and 4. Your application fee will be waived. The cost is $2,175 (value $2,575). Click here.

DARe reserves the right to deny a Certificate Program applicant. In such an instance the certificate fee will be refunded.

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