Welcome to an Introduction to Attachment.

In this 2-hour, 4-part video training series, Dr. Diane Poole Heller delivers a quick, yet thorough primer on the four attachment styles: secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How our attachment styles develop––and what it means to have a healthy attachment system.

  • How to identify (and understand) each of the different attachment adaptations, including their language and behavior patterns.

  • Ways that attachment styles can negatively and positively affect adult relationships (both in our present and past).

  • Also includes experiential exercises to begin the healing process and help move you and your clients back towards secure attachment.

This mini-course comes with a short welcome, plus four video and audio recordings.


As our way of saying thank-you for registering, you’ll also get the Adult Attachment Styles Reference Guide. It’s a practical guide to better understand how each of the four attachment styles presents for intimate relationships in a clinical setting. 

PLUS, we’ve arranged for a special live, 60-minute Q&A session on April 28th at 1 pm ET / 11 am MT / 10 am PT where Dr. Heller answers your specific questions, discusses techniques and gives you practical tips and exercises you can integrate into your everyday practice immediately.

And don’t worry if you can’t attend this session live. This session will be recorded and you can watch the replay in the learning portal at your convenience.

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