5 Simple Self-Care Tips for Therapists, Body Workers, and Coaches

Most of us who decide to dedicate our career lives to a “helping profession” such as therapy, counseling, coaching, massage, energy work, yoga instruction, or Somatic Experiencing do so with the intention of supporting others in achieving contentment and deeply satisfying lives. Unfortunately we may also sacrifice our own wellness and lose ourselves as our growing [...]

Use of Narrative to Evaluate Attachment Patterning

Narrative and Secure Attachment Secure Attachment languaging is often easiest because of left and right brain integration. Primarily Securely Attached individuals may have characteristics of Attachment adaptations from time-to-time. Working with clients with different Attachment styles requires fluidity in languaging in order to help our clients (or ourselves) move toward Secure. Narrative and Avoidant Attachment The [...]

Video Blog: Exploring Ambivalent Attachment Online and in Live Trainings

When you want to take your knowledge about Attachment a bit deeper, we offer ongoing training through the Therapy Mastermind Circle (TMC), which is open now for enrollment. This is an online global program that you can easily fit into your busy family and professional schedule, on your own time. We feature world-class expert speakers, monthly [...]

Resolving Threat to Restore the Capacity to Connect

Humans, like all species, are designed for survival. Our neurological response to threat focuses its efforts toward that purpose. When we sense danger, we require no conscious input into the activation of our sympathetic nervous system. You can’t take time to evaluate the situation when a hungry mountain lion plunges into your path. Quick response is [...]

Creative Ways to Self-Regulate during the 2016 Election

Stay present and less stressed this election season! In this video I will cover: How disorganized attachment is created Creative ways to self-regulate & co-regulate Therapeutic techniques to use with your clients Understanding the range of resiliency - Dan Siegel's Window of Tolerance Working the systems of chaos theory for increased maturation (introducing perturbation /stimulus) I think [...]

Rainbow Bridge Poem

Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and [...]

Special Message from Diane

Hi Friends, I want to share a short message with you about some trainings I am developing. Thought it would be a little more personal to do a short video. Hope you enjoy. Warmly, Diane

Mastering Relational Skills and Restoring Secure Attachment for your Clients

with Diane Poole Heller – Jewish Family Service Event – Cincinnati, OH · March 14–16 PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED (February 27, 2014) due to low registration – People who signed up will receive a refund When we come to understand early attachment styles in a healthy environment today, the original imprints that are the [...]