Video Blog: Diane on Oprah and Childhood Trauma

Please take a moment to watch Diane's video blog about the 60 Minutes episode with Oprah that is helping to bring global awareness brought to the important topic of childhood trauma. Childhood trauma does not end in childhood, but often follows us into adulthood and casts a dark shadow on our adult relationships. Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) [...]

Life’s Before-and-After: Trauma That Divides

Before and After Trauma Anyone who has experienced trauma understands that life becomes divided into life before and life after the traumatic experience. A recent Modern Love article from the New York Times illustrated the dramatic impact that trauma has on one’s life – especially when ignored. A study in Japan, which included MRIs of students [...]

Understanding Learned Helplessness

Explained in 1965 by Martin Seligman, learned helplessness is characterized by feeling unable to alter outcomes despite taking action to do so. Though Seligman’s research involved dogs, continuing studies related learned helplessness to human behavior. Repeated exposure to a negative experience or trauma that results in the belief that the situation will not change no matter [...]

How We Work with Disorganized Attachment in DARe Live Trainings

Disorganized Attachment embodies the most complex Attachment wound. It occurs when children attempt to connect with a parent who has Attachment injury or unresolved trauma. The parent, who is supposed to be the safe haven of for the child, may actually embody the source of fear. The child may suffer exposure to: Loud voices Explosive behavior [...]

Working with Implicit and Explicit Memory to Heal Trauma and Attachment

We are honored to welcome Bruce Ecker, MA LMFT, of the Coherence Psychology Institute as one of our upcoming expert speakers for the Therapy Mastermind Circle. Neural Circuits and Memory Reconsolidation Typically, the cause of symptoms of trauma lies within the emotional learnings of the implicit memory. Implicit Memory – No awareness or language regarding the [...]

Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference: Boulder April 8-10, 2016

I believe that psychotherapy is going through an evolutionary upgrade. And although human beings have been working on healing in different ways for thousands of years, many recent discoveries and systems are helping us understand healing in a way that was never possible. While the foundation of my work is primarily with Attachment and Trauma Resolution, it is exciting to find new [...]

Discharging “Bound” Energy [Watch This!]

It's true, when we are overwhelmed this energy of ours gets "locked down." The key is in "discharging" the once bound energy. Watch Somatic Experiencing pioneer Peter Levine as he demonstrates his popular Slinky presentation and discusses the enormous effects trauma has on the nervous system, and how he approaches treating trauma. "When you are suppressing energy, you don't have energy to really live, [...]

Video 3: Keep Your Seat

The previous video emphasized language as a way to help your clients move past trauma. If you've ever found yourself relating to your client's personal challenges, you'll find this video especially helpful. In this third video, I answer the following questions: 1) How do you “keep your seat,” or stay grounded, when a client hits something [...]

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