2017 New Year Message – Creating Happiness

Rather than making the same short-lived resolutions in 2017, let's focus on what we all really want: greater happiness! Benjamin Franklin, at age twenty, came up with a plan to improve himself by practicing 13 virtues and gave himself a score at the end of the day to hold himself accountable. They say it takes 11 [...]

Securing Holiday Joy – Happy Holidays 2016!

Happy holidays! Though this is a season of festivities for many, it can also be a stressful time that invites unwelcome triggers to your table. For the upcoming holidays, let’s focus on transformation and welcoming the joy of Secure Attachment to our celebration. You may find the challenges and practices below useful. Attachment Style – Avoidant [...]

Transformation in a Parched Pear Tree…

I know Easter has passed, but the memory of that day this year has still so much significance for me – and the resurrection of a parched pear tree as a symbol of restored hope. On my way to Europe, where teaching for two months – and visiting friend and lovely places in between, to be [...]

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