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Video Blog: Avoidant Attachment Adaptation and How We Work with Them in DARe Trainings

                DARe stands for Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience, which is a series of four module-style trainings that address Attachment as it affects our lives and the lives of our clients. These trainings are available live, on DVD, and soon to be offered online. DARe is designed to help us [...]

Discharging “Bound” Energy [Watch This!]

It's true, when we are overwhelmed this energy of ours gets "locked down." The key is in "discharging" the once bound energy. Watch Somatic Experiencing pioneer Peter Levine as he demonstrates his popular Slinky presentation and discusses the enormous effects trauma has on the nervous system, and how he approaches treating trauma.  "When you are suppressing energy, you don't have energy to really live, [...]

Teaching Attachment: It’s a Human Journey

When I think about teaching attachment—I feel this way about trauma, too—it’s a human journey issue. I don’t know if you can be on the planet very long before something is going to hit you one way or the other, and it would be really helpful to know how to move through those things. There is [...]

[What are] 3 Myths of Working with Attachment Styles?

Hello, I want to say thank you to all of those who watched the previous videos in my free series on the Power of Attachment. This is the third and final video and will only be available for the next few days. And if you missed one of the previous ones, you’ll also have the opportunity to view The [...]


My first spiritual teacher, Laurel Keyes, used to say that teaching was like “offering cookies on a plate.” She said you put together the very best ingredients you can find, bake up a batch and offer them generously. Folks could pick out the ones they liked and leave the rest behind. This was not just a [...]

Trauma and Memory, Dr. Peter Levine

reprinted with permission. Memory: Gift and Curse Chapter 1: The Illusion of Memory Memory is the selection of images; some elusive; others printed indelibly on the brain. Each image is like a thread … each thread woven together to make a tapestry of intricate textures. And the tapestry tells a story. And the story is our [...]

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