3 Ways Attachment Injuries Undermine Your Life

Having an Attachment injury can feel like you’re lugging around a forty-pound weight everywhere you go. This may prevent you from fully enjoying life, or even cause you to make poor decisions regarding your future happiness. There is good news, however; we can heal our Attachment injuries in adulthood. Here are three ways that Attachment injuries [...]

3 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Parent Despite Your Attachment Injury

We all want to be Super Parents and give our kids everything they need to ensure a successful future. This pressure you place on yourself can have a negative impact on your stress level, undermining your ultimate goal. If you have past trauma or Attachment injury, this can double the pressure to do everything right because [...]

4 Things You Need to Know about Adult Attachment

If you are seeking more information on adult Attachment Theory, here are four things you need to know. 1. There are four Attachment styles. Secure – Securely attached people find it easy to develop relationships with others and do not excessively worry about the status of those relationships. They are comfortable being dependable for others and [...]

What Is the Greatest Secret to Relationship Success?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have the best relationships while you and your partner keep having the same arguments over and over? Do you wish to be completely understood and to deeply satisfy yourself and your partner emotionally? Do you love your partner but often feel like you are not as connected [...]

Video Blog: Avoidant Attachment Adaptation and How We Work with Them in DARe Trainings

                DARe stands for Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience, which is a series of four module-style trainings that address Attachment as it affects our lives and the lives of our clients. These trainings are available live, on DVD, and soon to be offered online. DARe is designed to help us [...]

Securing Holiday Joy – Happy Holidays 2016!

Happy holidays! Though this is a season of festivities for many, it can also be a stressful time that invites unwelcome triggers to your table. For the upcoming holidays, let’s focus on transformation and welcoming the joy of Secure Attachment to our celebration. You may find the challenges and practices below useful. Attachment Style – Avoidant [...]

Gratitude’s Role in Secure Attachment

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to celebrate gratitude, which can benefit our lives 365 days a year. What a great time to incorporate gratitude rituals and appreciation in day-to-day life. When we can recognize and acknowledge how challenges that arise in our life are only here to help us grow…we can employ gratitude for [...]

Video 1: Language of Attachment

In this first video, I address how you can speak to each attachment style with your clients. Avoidant Adoption Attachment - How to emphasis other and give up addiction for being alone. Importance of including other. Ambivalent Attachment - Unpredictability for the baby when getting inconsistent love response from parents. Over focus on other. Help them [...]

Take Your Practice to the Next Level in 2015!

We all may know that we are neurobiologically designed for Secure Attachment but the critical question is: How do we help our clients return there if they did not hit the jackpot by starting out with it in the first place?  It is often said, it is much easier to learn a theory than to put one into practice. [...]

Attachment in an Anti-relational Culture

I’m very interested in attachment as I feel that our culture has become a bit too anti-relational. We are still so embedded in being pioneer individualists and autonomists, and there's a little overdose of that. Those are good things to have, but an overdose means sometimes we are so into the Self that we are not [...]

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