9 Quick Start Tips for Integrating “Disorganized” Into Your Practice

QUICK START TIPS and Goals for Integrating Module 4(DISORGANIZED/DISORIENTED/TYPE D) Into Your Lifeand PracticeGoals: Safety First Then Mobilization from Immobilization ASAP! Installing a “Competent Protector”: Watch this Cougar vs. Bear Cub video  It helps to reinforce the reality of “protective energy” to remind the client that ultimately the baby bear will be alright (There's an excellent surprise [...]

Working with the Very Dysfunctional, ‘Disorganized Adaption’

A Discussion on Strategies, Behaviors & Corrective Experiences with this Competent Protector  One of the most important corrective experiences that I am going to discuss in this training is re­‐establishing a sense of safety because safety was so disrupted in the original experience–and one of the ways we can access that is installing a competent protector: giving the possibility [...]

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