ANGER Feels Better Than FEAR

Anger & Aliveness: Holding it In Interestingly enough, anger uses the same energy as aliveness, vitality, vibrancy, and passion, but it has a lot of toxicity in it. So what we are trying to do is let the anger discharge - maybe through acting from within the defensive response or using defensive words such as; "No!" or [...]

Video 5: Disorganized Attachment In Couples

In the last video, we talked about disorganized attachment in individuals. This time I'll answer your questions about dealing with couples when both partners have a disorganized attachment pattern. This final video will cover topics including: 1) How disorganized attachment develops 2) Down-regulating yourself and your partner 3) Spending individual time with each partner in a [...]

Santa’s Tips for a Securely Attached Christmas

  Each holiday season I like to send out my favorite list of the small BIG things that can enrich our relationships. If you have something to add, I would love to hear from you please comment below! I am also putting all my DVDs on sale, with a special gift since we are often so [...]

Recipes for L.O.V.E.

Every relationship can at times be difficult to navigate, but the one thing that can always be relied upon to build on, restore, nurture your attachment is LOVE. I thought of giving you some essential tips, made easy to remember by using L.O.V.E. as acronym for a few simple and effective implements that can keep your [...]

Transformation in a Parched Pear Tree…

I know Easter has passed, but the memory of that day this year has still so much significance for me – and the resurrection of a parched pear tree as a symbol of restored hope. On my way to Europe, where teaching for two months – and visiting friend and lovely places in between, to be [...]

5 Things Securely Attached Leaders Do, Mukara Meredith, Diane Heller & Brian Spielmann

  Framework on Attachment, Leadership Skills & Trust Interview with Mukara Meredith, MSW How do you see attachment history effect leadership skills? Mukara: I entered the Leadership Field through the door of Innovation, so the leaders I work with tend to be more open, resourced and creative. These folks are often on the cutting [...]

Santa’s 12 Tips for a Securely Attached Christmas!

Each Holiday Season I like to send out my favorite list of the small BIG things that can enrich our relationships. If you have something to add, I would love to hear from you. I am also putting all my DVDs on sale, with a special gift – since we are often so concerned about others, we forget [...]

Eye Gaze Exercise

Multitasking might not be not as desirable a skill as we are led to believe. Many people are proud of their ability to multitask, but maybe not such a great thing. It’s bad for the brain and interferes with our ability to truly focus. Research from Stanford University revealed that people who multitask are less efficient [...]

Avoidant Adaptation in Attachment theory

On the road again for fun and learning! I have just finished a historic tour of Spanish moss-filled Savannah – full of Southern hospitality, home of the Girl Scouts, Forrest Gump, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, tumultuous scandals, and tragic Civil War deaths. Perfect for the trauma resolution specialist with a hankering to [...]