ANGER Feels Better Than FEAR

Anger & Aliveness: Holding it In Interestingly enough, anger uses the same energy as aliveness, vitality, vibrancy, and passion, but it has a lot of toxicity in it. So what we are trying to do is let the anger discharge - maybe through acting from within the defensive response or using defensive words such as; "No!" or [...]

Discharging “Bound” Energy [Watch This!]

It's true, when we are overwhelmed this energy of ours gets "locked down." The key is in "discharging" the once bound energy. Watch Somatic Experiencing pioneer Peter Levine as he demonstrates his popular Slinky presentation and discusses the enormous effects trauma has on the nervous system, and how he approaches treating trauma.  "When you are suppressing energy, you don't have energy to really live, [...]


My first spiritual teacher, Laurel Keyes, used to say that teaching was like “offering cookies on a plate.” She said you put together the very best ingredients you can find, bake up a batch and offer them generously. Folks could pick out the ones they liked and leave the rest behind. This was not just a [...]

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