Adoption at Birth and Attachment Disruption

Attachment begins in the womb as bonding between birthmothers and their unborn children begin. What happens when the infant is adopted at birth and does it impact Attachment in children and young adults? Some studies show that even when children are placed with a loving birth family from birth that Attachment disruptions can occur, resulting in [...]

3 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Parent Despite Your Attachment Injury

We all want to be Super Parents and give our kids everything they need to ensure a successful future. This pressure you place on yourself can have a negative impact on your stress level, undermining your ultimate goal. If you have past trauma or Attachment injury, this can double the pressure to do everything right because [...]

Video Blog: Bullying

Bullying is a form of aggression, and it sometimes appears in Disorganized Attachment. How can you help your clients handle their own aggression (and aggression in others) in a compassionate, healthy way? In this video, we'll examine: Viewing aggression through the lens of attachment Symptoms of bullying in relationships How a child's brain learns to adapt [...]