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There is still time to order my training DVDs with 25% off. As a fall special, I have discounted all my materials to make these trainings as available as possible.  As mentioned previously, it is my heart mission that Attachment Theory and Practices be integrated in to our families, schools, government, and even business. So many of you are doing amazing work in this area that I feel privilege to be be teaching and learning more and more each day.

DAR2-DVD forwebWe have created a highly successful series of media resources, sharing the wealth of her unique and eclectic teachings – DVD library is an invaluable resource for practitioners from all backgrounds and for anyone interested in healing, for variety of themes covered, possibility of practical application, and brilliance of content.

Particularly precious are the Demo sessions, where you can not only learn but actually participate in the experience as it unfolds before your eyes in a real, live session between therapist and client; it’s a rare opportunity to see a master clinician at work, learning which specific clinical interventions are applied, and being able to observe, study, replay each session to capture every subtle nuance of the deep and delicate interaction between healer and client.DARe 1 new cover

I look forward to supporting you in your practice and relationships.

With Love,



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