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Protected: Trauma Resolution (Slinky Model)

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Protected: Trauma Structure – Baby Gears Demonstration

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Goals and Willpower for the New Year

4 Signs of Disorganized Attachment

Disorganized attachment represents the most complex attachment adaptation, which also means the most difficult to recognize and treat in therapy. March 26-28, 2019, Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D. will present DARe 4: From Wound to Wellness, which focuses on disorganized attachment identification and therapeutic strategies to help clients move toward secure attachment in their adult lives. Signs [...]

Happy New Year, 2019!

Happy Holidays 2018!

Avoidant and Disorganized Attachment – Q&A with Diane

We often hear questions in our Facebook groups or email from practitioners looking to help their clients more effectively. Our team felt compelled to share the following question about avoidant and disorganized attachment and Diane’s answer to demonstrate the level of support we provide one another in our Facebook groups.  While Diane cannot respond to every [...]

Attachment: Needs VS Neediness

In Attachment theory, we often express the importance of being able to communicate our needs to a partner or loved when they arise. The inability to express needs may come from early Attachment injury including Avoidant adaptations when the needs of the child were not met by the parents or caregivers, leaving the child to fend [...]

Healthy Boundaries with Disorganized Attachment

If you have a family member who has attachment injury, you might have noticed that maintaining a healthy relationship can be a challenge. We recently received a letter from an individual who has a family member that displays classic signs of disorganized attachment style. She describes a push and pull type relationship with her. The family [...]

What Does Codependency Mean, Anyway?

People often throw the term “codependency” around, and upon first inspection, you might exclude yourself from this term based on the negative connotation. Many people, however, find themselves in codependent relationships at some point during their lives, and recognizing the signs can help you get a handle on your relationship. Simply put, codependent individuals rely on and [...]