DARe 1 Healing Early Attachment Wounds

Learn effective approaches to healing childhood wounds with essential body based tools that help clients enjoy fulfilling relationships.

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DARe to Connect Integrating Attachment into Your Practice

Boulder, CO
July 10 - 12, 2015
$397 until March 6th
Enhance your confidence and skill in applying Mastery of Attachment and Trauma Resolution with clients.

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DARe 2 Creating Healthy Adult Relationships

Are you ready to discover how you can have deeper communication, more joy and longer lasting love in your adult relationship?

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DARe 3 The Neurobiology of Loving Relationships

Learn an exciting groundbreaking approach integrating interpersonal neurobiology and adult attachment theory. Deepen your personal relationships and take your clinical mastery to the next level.

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DARe 4 From Wound to Wellness: Excavating Core Intactness, Power and Resiliency

Gain further mastery of Diane's resiliency based model for integrating fragmented, disorganized and dissociative states.

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Neuroscience, Attachment & the Essential Self

Gain understanding of the neuroscience behind stress and learn skills to negotiate stress in work and relationship, and how to find harmonious balance in your everyday life.

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Praise for DARe

Diane’s knowledge is deep and her breadth of understanding of the human condition is exquisite!” New York Therapist

  • “The material was so well presented – very clear, well organized. The addition of the manual is really great and helpful and I will continue to refer to it. The attachment module was relevant to clinical practice and Diane is particularly good at providing links between the didactic and clinical application.” – Anon
  • “The exercises were great! The specific clinical SE ways of working with the different types of attachment was revealing and trans-formative. There were very clear explanations of attachment styles and dynamics of what happens as the person separates from the wound pattern. What wonderful work you are bringing to the world!” – A. Morris
  • “I liked Diane’s awareness of the larger picture, the larger outcome of spiritual wholeness and maturity and her frequent reference to this. Also her clear statement of how our (therapists’) own attachment experiences and how effectively we re-patterning these can support the relational field with our clients. This was a sweet, powerful weekend!” – M. Bojourno

Free Article on Trauma and Attachment

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How Attachment Theory Affects the Treatment of Trauma
An interview for the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine Read more...

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The Importance of Creating Containment

One of the things we are doing in therapy is creating containment; and another thing that allows Secure Attachment to happen is that, whatever experience ... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prosody: Tone of Voice & the Attachment System

Tone of voice, or prosody, is a huge part of how your Attachment system works. Tone of voice can trigger the amygdala immediately— it’s designed ... Continue Reading →

Play and the Gleam Beam

One of the best things you can do with your partners is be playful, and appropriately playful with your clients. That’s a really big nourishment ... Continue Reading →

ANGER Feels Better Than FEAR

Anger & Aliveness: Holding it In Interestingly enough, anger uses the same energy as aliveness, vitality, vibrancy, and passion, but it has a lot of ... Continue Reading →

Discharging “Bound” Energy [Watch This!]

It’s true, when we are overwhelmed this energy of ours gets “locked down.” The key is in “discharging” the once bound energy. Watch Somatic Experiencing pioneer Peter ... Continue Reading →

9 Quick Start Tips for Integrating “Disorganized” Into Your Practice

QUICK START TIPS and Goals for Integrating Module 4(DISORGANIZED/DISORIENTED/TYPE D) Into Your Lifeand Practice Goals: Safety First Then Mobilization from Immobilization ASAP! Installing a “Competent Protector”: ... Continue Reading →

Integrating or “Disintegrating” the Experience of Anger or Fear

One of  the  things  that I  find interestingly  helpful when somebody is really stuck in what I call a “rage  cycle”  and I mean really ... Continue Reading →

Video 5: Disorganized Attachment In Couples

In the last video, we talked about disorganized attachment in individuals. This time I’ll answer your questions about dealing with couples when both partners have ... Continue Reading →

Avoidant: Kind Eyes Exercise

Imagine you are looking out into the world and seeing kind eyes looking back at you. Perhaps you remember a time you showed up unexpected at ... Continue Reading →

Video 4: Disorganized Attachment

Our last video offered some ways for you to stay centered when things get challenging in a therapy session. In this video we’ll take a ... Continue Reading →

Avoidant & Needs: Corrective Strategies

Avoidants want someone in the house—just not in the same room! Expertly noted by Dr. Stan Tatkin throughout this blog from his publication: I Want ... Continue Reading →

Video 3: Keep Your Seat

The previous video emphasized language as a way to help your clients move past trauma. If you’ve ever found yourself relating to your client’s personal ... Continue Reading →

Module 4-1: Intro to Disorganized Attachment (Disoriented or Type D)

Overview of Secure, Avoidant and Ambivalent It’s important to understand Avoidant and Ambivalent before we jump into Disorganized because it’s actually kind of a combination ... Continue Reading →

Video 2: Moving Forward In Time

In the first video, we explored how to speak to each attachment style with your clients. In this video, we’ll look at some ways to ... Continue Reading →

Joan Halifax

Teaching Attachment: It’s a Human Journey

When I think about teaching attachment—I feel this way about trauma, too—it’s a human journey issue. I don’t know if you can be on the ... Continue Reading →

Video 1: Language of Attachment

In this first video, I address how you can speak to each attachment style with your clients. Avoidant Adoption Attachment – How to emphasis other ... Continue Reading →

Take Your Practice to the Next Level in 2015!

We all may know that we are neurobiologically designed for Secure Attachment but the critical question is: How do we help our clients return there if they ... Continue Reading →

Attachment in an Anti-relational Culture

I’m very interested in attachment as I feel that our culture has become a bit too anti-relational. We are still so embedded in being pioneer ... Continue Reading →

Learning to Initiate, Receive & Communicate Repair

Repair is important, learn how to initiate it. And you might be thinking of one person in your life right now that you could afford ... Continue Reading →

Strengthen Relationships with Repair

Being perfect is not so important because you are not going to be, anyway. It’s not going to happen; you’re going to make mistakes. It’s ... Continue Reading →

How Well Does ‘Your’ Attachment Work with Others?

Anytime you are with another person, attachment is operating. Anytime somebody walks in your office as a client, your attachment system comes into play, whether ... Continue Reading →

Santa’s Tips for a Securely Attached Christmas

  Each holiday season I like to send out my favorite list of the small BIG things that can enrich our relationships. If you have ... Continue Reading →

Working with the Very Dysfunctional, ‘Disorganized Adaption’

A Discussion on Strategies, Behaviors & Corrective Experiences with this Competent Protector  One of the most important corrective experiences that I am going to discuss in this training ... Continue Reading →

Most Reactivity is Coming from the Implicit Relational Template

A Dialogue with Diane from Module 4.1–Introduction to Disorganized Attachment (Disoriented/Type D) So often in relationships – because your partner is there – you locate ... Continue Reading →

Helping Our Clients – DARe 1 NY, DARe 4 in Vancouver, January 2015

We all may know that we are neurobiologically designed for Secure Attachment but the critical question is: How do we help our clients return there if they ... Continue Reading →

Update: Attachment Mastery Program – Bring a Friend

Hello friend, I’ve had two common questions this week about the upcoming Attachment Mastery Training Program and community located at http://attachmentmastery.com. First, some individuals are ... Continue Reading →

Q & A Session: How Attachment Theory Affects the Treatment of Trauma

Read this powerful Q & A Session with Dr. Diane Poole Heller and Ruth Buczynski, PhD of NICABM (A complete transcript of a previous Teleseminar Session ... Continue Reading →

Experience the Breakthrough Nature of Attachment in Your Therapy Practice and Life

Imagine a young boy (we’ll call him John) who one day was told that he was going to a day camp, but instead was dropped ... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss the Entire Attachment Styles Training Program!

We don’t want you to miss the Attachment Mastery program reopening for a limited time! I assure you that it is the most educational and comprehensive training program ... Continue Reading →

[What are] 3 Myths of Working with Attachment Styles?

Hello, I want to say thank you to all of those who watched the previous videos in my free series on the Power of Attachment. This ... Continue Reading →

Guide Your Clients into Healthier Connections with Others

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the hundreds of people who have already signed up and have joined me on my first video in the Power ... Continue Reading →

The Power of including Attachment Theory in your Clinical Work

It was an amazing experience working with our first Attachment Mastery group earlier this year! We had participants from fifteen different countries and it took ... Continue Reading →

Eye Gaze Exercise

Multitasking might not be not as desirable a skill as we are led to believe. Many people are proud of their ability to multitask, but ... Continue Reading →

INdependence, DEpendence, and INTERdependence

Happy 4th of July to YOU! Did you know there are 11,563 Starbucks stores in the US alone (21,000 worldwide), partly because of the Boston ... Continue Reading →

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